Melt Away the Chill of Winter in Liquid Gold

There’s gold, and then there’s liquid gold. The reflective shine is so unreal that it takes on a life on its own, seductively flowing in a fluid, molten drip over your skin. Forget the extra-hot latte. Liquid gold is all you need to warm up this winter. Here are our top picks to bring the heat all season, and beyond.

Mega Liquid Gold Layered Lariat

This is a go-to piece for an instant layered look with major impact. The crossover effect of the choker and lariat really brings the drama. This is no subtle, dainty design. It’s unapologetically glam, scaled up for a stunning golden glow. With the the lariat dropping down low, this layered lariat begs for a deep-v neckline to shine against bare skin.

Liquid Gold Mega Chain Choker

You can still glow bold with the modern simplicity of a choker. This Liquid Gold Mega Chain Choker illuminates your face with that stop-in-your tracks shine. Keep it simple as a standalone statement, or use it as your focal point for a layered look that mixes high and low lengths. Either way, it’s a must.

Liquid Gold Wide Linear Earrings

If you look really closely, you’ll see an ultra-fine herringbone chain in the liquid gold designs. That’s the intricately-made secret to its intense, flowing shine. Outshine your highlights with the light-reflecting glow of these liquid gold drop earrings. They’re bold in their simplicity and mirror-like fluid shine.

Liquid Gold Mega Chain Bracelet

Here’s a brilliant addition to the stack on your wrist. The Liquid Gold Mega Chain Bracelet adds substantial shine to your mix, grounding daintier bangles and chains with the pure glow of liquid gold. Nothing will have you wearing bracelet sleeves faster to show it off.

Liquid Gold Stiletto Anklet

Lana believes in adorning yourself head-to-toe. We can’t think of a more glam note to end on than this multi-chain liquid gold anklet. It adds a layered effect of sexy gold chains that drape gorgeously over your ankle and foot. And the stiletto name is no accident. Pair this anklet with a killer pair of stilettos and you’ll melt every inch of ice.


Go for an intense golden glow in liquid gold. It’s like nothing you’ve ever worn. Prepare for a crazy amount of compliments and watch winter melt away.

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