Wild at Heart.

These personalized heart pendants make our love list. 

It’s officially 2020, which means tomorrow is practically Valentine’s Day. That’s what we’re focusing on to get through January, anyway. It’s not too early to start swooning over V-day gifts, and our heart eyes are set on statement heart necklaces.

In true Lana style, these are super-cool power pieces. Basically the antidote (or love potion) to cheesy Valentine’s Day gifts. Whichever style you choose, they all let you wear your heart around your neck for others to take note. Here’s what’s on our list. Which one has you written all over it?

Fully committed


You don’t need a ring to tell the world you’re taken. When Lana first started dating her husband Rob, she famously created a necklace with his name to make it known who her number-one is. This Taken Heart Pendant does just that in a very sparkly way. Or, you can keep your giddiness on the down low with a more quietly romantic Love Heart Pendant.

Flaunt your Mrs. status


Whether you just sealed the deal by saying ‘I do’ recently, or you’ve clocked double-digit anniversaries, give your better-half title a shoutout with a Wifey Heart Pendant. How amazing would this be as a wedding day gift, too? Hint to any wives and husbands-to-be out there.

Be a boss


Whether you run a company, or run your life, you’re a total boss. Show off your executive status with a CEO Heart Pendant. And why wait for Valentine’s Day? Buy it for yourself because that’s what bosses do.

Assert yourself


Let your outspoken nature take shape in a gorgeous gold pendant that boldly tells everyone to F-off in diamonds. The F-Off Heart Pendant does the talking for you and adds a little glam to any expletives you need to share. Yes and yes.


Can’t decide? Take one of each and switch them up to match your mood.

Do it up for Valentine’s Day.

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