Major gift ideas for graduation.

Give them a moment to shine.

Like many celebrations, graduation season looks a little different this year. So it’s more important than ever to mark this milestone in a major way. Whether they’re graduating from high school, or making the leap from college to career, we’ve hand-picked some stunner pieces that grads can hold onto forever and have a much-deserved moment to shine. They might not walk in a ceremony, but they’ll be conquering the world in these looks.

College to career.

With a degree in hand, college grads are ready to start their next chapter: landing their dream job. In other words, they’ve got to look interview-ready and stand out from the crowd. Done and done.

For graduation, gift your grad the Solo Diamond Love Bracelet.
Scripted with diamond-encrusted “Love” letters, this bracelet will serve as a sparkling reminder of what’s most important to hold close in life (and flash at an interview).
For graduation, gift your grad the Electric Queen Necklace.
Let her title precede her in every room she walks (or zooms) into with this scripted “Queen” diamond pendant necklace.
For graduation, gift your grad the CEO Heart Pendant.
This look is total career goals. Inspire her to wear her aspirations loud and proud, then watch her own them all in this CEO heart pendant.
For graduation, gift your grad the 4-Number Personalized Necklace.
Don’t just commemorate the year. Let her rock it in diamonds for days. This 4-number personalized necklace lets you pick the digits, so we’re thinking 2020.

High school is in the books.

With no cap and gown in the picture, you’ve got to bring the pomp and circumstance. Our advice? Keep it personal to make it special.

For graduation, gift your grad the Flawless Malibu Initial Necklace.
Like a varsity letter, but way better, the Flawless Malibu Initial Necklace is a timeless and trend-forward take on her initial. Looking ahead, she could layer on letters to rep all the special people in her life.
For graduation, gift your grad the Flawless Badass Eclipse Hoops.
Confidence is key in life, so let her express herself unapologetically in the Flawless Badass Eclipse Hoops. Sure to help elevate her swagger now and later.

For the littles marking a mini milestone.

Whether she’s moving from preschool to kindergarten, starting first grade, or finishing fifth, grade school milestones are a big deal for the minis (and their parents). Designed by Lana’s daughter Blake, Lana Girl is the perfect for that first “real” piece of jewelry that she can wear forever.

For graduation, gift your grad the Lana Girl Diamond Bow Stud Earrings.
So classic. These diamond bow stud earrings are so cute, mom might be borrowing them (if your little grad ever takes them out).
For graduation, gift your grad the Lana Girl Diamond Butterfly Wire Ring.
Remind her to dream big with this diamond butterfly ring. As she grows up, she can wear it on a smaller finger, but always keep it within reach.
For graduation, gift your grad the Lana Girl Half Multi Sapphire Heart Pendant.
Bold, and bright, just like your mini grad. This rainbow-hued sapphire heart pendant lets her hold love close to her heart every day.

Wishing all the grads a big, brilliant congrats!

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