Throw Them For a Hoop

4 ways to style multiple hoops for double trouble.


Did you know that Lana is known as the Queen of Hoops? When fashion-forward celebrities want a pair of statement hoops to capture their bold personality or tie a look together, Lana is their go-to designer. Jennifer Lopez, Lizzo and Madonna are just a few larger-than-life stars who regularly rock her iconic hoop earrings. Put them on and you immediately bring out your inner badass. Double up with two pairs for the ultimate power play—and style statement. Here are four ways to style double the hoops for double trouble.

1. Play with scale.

Pick one style and wear it big and small. You can go simple, like the large and small wire magic hoops for a barely there gleam of gold. Or, you can go bold with an eye-catching texture and thicker proportion. Large and Small Bond Hoops make a solid two of a kind. Adding thick-to-thin contrast adds interest, too. A smaller yet chunkier hoop, like the Flawless Double Curve Hoops, add intrigue alongside the Thin Curve Royale Hoops.

2. Mix textures.

Add modern edge with a subtle (or not-so-subtle) touch of texture. The open, diamond-encrusted chain link of the Mega Flawless Bond Hoops makes an eclectic statement next to the thick twist of the Braid Royale Hoops in a larger-than-life size. They’ll catch the light and attention of anyone in their path. The key is to style your look with an unexpected texture and a sleek gold hoop.

3. Create an illusion.

As her iconic Blake necklace proves, Lana is a master of illusion, creating a layered look with single pieces. Her hoops are no exception. When you want the look of a double hoop without wearing two pairs, or swapping in a stud or drop earring instead, check out the many double-hoop styles in a single set of hoops.

4. Add drama

Hoop earrings aren’t all just a single, smooth circle of gold. Lana designs them in a wide range of shapes, tones and textures. So try shaking up your double-hoop styling by adding in a little drama. A swingy, glimmering pair of Fringe Hoops, for example, adds light-catching movement for major sparkle. Ground that look with something closer to the ear, like Triple Huggie Hoops. You could also go glam to the max by doubling up on diamonds. The Mega Flawless Edge Hoops and Double Vanity diamond hoops are definitely a double vision together.

The rule is, there are no rules when it comes to pairing hoops together. They’re such a powerful, personal statement, so find the pair that makes you feel like you run the world (‘cause you do).

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