Shine like a diamond on your wedding day.

The ring is just the start. With wedding season in full swing, it’s time to think about all the rocks you can rock on your big day, and all the sparkle you can give your girls.

No matter your aisle style—modern, classic, romantic or sexy—you’ll want to luxe up your look with Legacy diamonds. It’s the sparkle of all sparkle. A million glittering precious stones in varying sizes radiate a thousand points of light as you walk, like a sky full of stars. The Legacy collection is a fashion-forward take on classic elegance in modern silhouettes. Here are some of our favs for every kind of bridal style:



Legacy Crown Ring

You’ve got your engagement ring on your right ring finger to make way for your wedding band to land on your left ring finger. By our count, that leaves eight digits that could use some glam. The Legacy Crown Ring should do it. Giving the illusion of seven stacked diamond bands, you just might want to make this your forever band.

Mega Legacy Oval Bracelet

A triple strand of deco-esque diamonds wraps your wrist in luxe, luxe, luxe. We say really go for it with one Mega Legacy Oval Bracelet on each wrist for a fresh twist.



Legacy Bond Bracelet

Is it diamonds? Is it a chain link? Yes and yes (and yes, please). Studded with an infinite number of micro diamonds, this mini chain link bracelet makes the connection between modern and classic.

Legacy Bond Choker

There’s something subtle yet subversive about wearing a choker, and that’s exactly what makes it so modern as a wedding day statement accessory. The Legacy Bond Choker floats tiny circles of diamonds that come together in a gently tapered shape that draws the eye to you, front and center.



Legacy Linear Kite Earrings

Who says you need to stick with a demure stud? We say go over-the-top glam with this cascade of kite-cut diamond drop earrings. They add instant drama and movement that beams a bold kind of brilliance.

Legacy Kite Lariat

Hello, plunging neckline. Meet your match in the Legacy Kite Lariat. Plenty lavish, but still simple enough not to steal the spotlight, this gorgeous necklace actually brings the spotlight.


 Reflecting the luster of neon-lit shadows in midnight blue gold, and studded with starry diamonds and sapphires, each piece casts aside all inhibitions to take you into the blue, all night. After midnight is when the magic happens with Lana Jewelry's Blue Gold.

Don’t hide away your something blue. Wear it bold in Blue Gold. From the iconic Blake Necklace to sapphire-encrusted linear drop earrings, blue gold dials up the drama on tradition. Just as we see in bridal fashion, not everything has to be white. Color looks oh so fresh.



This one’s for your girls. Matching satin robes to get ready are nice, but if you really want to thank your besties for being there on your big day and beyond, you’ll want to choose something they can hold onto—and flaunt—forever. We’ve got some brilliant finds, all under $1,000.

Show your love with a Small Diamond Heart Charm Necklace. It’s a great layering piece and has built-in sentiment to show your girls some love. Plus, they can wear it with their dresses.

Want to get some amazing wedding day photos? Golden hour is everything. These Small Nude Cascade Earrings make their own kind of golden hour light, shimmering and shining in the sun. And they look pretty amazing shimmying on the dance floor at the reception, too.

Make each and every girl feel special down to the letter with the Lana Initial Necklace. Designed in gold and diamonds, it’s the perfect mix of blending in and staying out. Neckline not working with a drop necklace? Gift the Initial Chain Bracelet instead.

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