Mix It Up with Mismatched Earrings

Easy ways to style this edgy look.

Lana doesn’t break the rules, she makes them. She’s a true, bold original who designs with unapologetic authenticity. True to that spirit, there’s nothing better than seeing all you Lana babes putting your own twist on your favorite pieces.

Case in point: who says you need to wear a matching pair of earrings? Not us. In fact, this season is all about the curated ear and pairing your own earring combos to create a look that’s totally you. Glamour reports that Google searches for mismatched earrings spiked 700 percent in 2019. Crazy, right? Here’s some inspo to make this edgy look all your own.

1. Rock a single statement hoop.


Go big.

Proportion is key for a single hoop to hold its own, especially if you’re going with a simple style. We say go big in scale, but keep the thickness on the delicate side. The Large Wire Magic Hoops provide just the right amount of drama in a larger-than-life size that comes to life in a super minimalist gleam of gold (and a single diamond because, why not?). Balance the other ear with a few subtle studs.

Surprise with shape.

We weren’t kidding when we said statement hoop. Part of that appeal is thinking outside the hoop and experimenting with unexpected shapes. We love the infinite loop-de-loop of the Flawless Loop Hoops, inspired by none other than the Chicago’s downtown loop. Or, you can try a layered effect of varying shapes and sizes. The diamond-studded shine of these Legacy Tier Earrings will definitely turn heads.

Play with color.

Lana designs with a full spectrum of gold and she’s even added to the rainbow with her bold Blue Gold collection. Nothing says one-of-a-kind more than a splash of vibrant color. Try it on for size with a single Blue Gold Skinny Hoop in one ear for a fashion-forward statement.

2. Create a curated ear.


Mix and match studs.

Studs don’t have to be subtle or simple. They can be small yet mighty, especially when they’re designed by Lana. The beauty of having multiple piercings means you can have more room to play. Either go more uniform like a simple style in varying sizes. Or, curate an eclectic look with a mix of designs that go together because that’s how you see it. After all, more is more. Go high and low with studs that break the rules, like these Graduating Legacy Linear Studs that descend into a drop. And you can’t get much bolder than Lana’s Small Lion Studs. Definitely a fierce addition to the mix.



Say it loud.

By combining different styles, you can speak volumes. We love the protective message of the Evil Eye studs. Pair those with some iconic Cross Charm Hoops for a punky, retro vibe. Or, say it like it is with a bold message that does the talking for you, like these Flawless Badass Eclipse Hoops.

Just a little inspo to get you thinking.

We can’t wait to see how you mix it up with mismatched earrings.

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