Lana Jewelry : Just Add Skin

5 Ways To Layer Like Lana

Dripping in layers of gleaming gold is the signature of Lana’s effortlessly sexy style. Stylists make it look so easy, but nailing the layered look is actually simpler than you think—and it’s never been more right now than with the new Rodéo Fall/Winter 2019 Collection. If the fall fashion trend forecast is spot on, the layered look is expected to be hauter than ever. Here are five easy ways to layer like Lana.

1. Go for insta-layering.


Lana takes the guesswork out of pairing together the perfect pieces by building a layered look right into select designs. From chokers to multi-chain necklaces and even crossaries, it’s easy to create the illusion of layers with a single statement piece. After all, Lana put this idea on the map with the iconic Blake necklace.

Lana Jewelry : Just Add Skin
Lana Jewelry : Just Add Skin

2. Play with proportion.


When you’re deciding which designs to layer together, think highs and lows. A delicate choker is solid starting point. From there, try to hit every point from here to there, and in between, way down to your decolletage. Bracelets pack a one-two punch on both wrists, stacked in styles that range from delicate to daring.

3. Mix up the textures.


Not everything needs to be high-polished and smooth. It’s the contrast that makes a layered jewelry combo so interesting. So why not double up on and smooth and textured pieces? Gold and diamonds always play nicely together.

Lana Jewelry : Just Add Skin
Lana Jewelry : Just Add Skin

4. Add unexpected elements.


A touch of quirk adds a peek into your personality and really makes a layered look memorable. Say something about yourself in a cool, interpretive way with charms and amulets. Make even more personal by adding a special element that’s meaningful and worthy of wearing close to your heart.

5. Get stacked head to toe


Go for the layered look anywhere you want to shine. Start at the top and work your way down, from earrings and necklaces to rings, bracelets and anklets. Adorn your ears with a curated mix of hoops, studs, crawlers and dusters. Double up with statement rings on every finger, because why not? Step up your stiletto game with multi-chain anklets that make you strut. Layer on the luxe.

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