Model wearing Petite Malibu Linear Fringe earrings, Nude chain necklace, and Liquid Gold lariat in white gold.

Play it cool in white gold.

Yellow gold isn’t going anywhere. 

It transcends time and trends. But if you want to refresh your look for spring, take on a cool tone by adding white gold to the mix. Here’s a fun fact. You can order many of Lana’s designs in several different shades of gold, including yellow, rose and yes, white. So why stick to just one color? Switch it up.

Here are a few reasons why we’re all about white gold.

Looks nice with ice.

Could be the complementary colors, but white gold and diamonds are quite the power couple. They go seamlessly together, amping up their collective shine and giving diamonds more play. Try these styles to see what we’re talking about:

  1. Mega Flawless Edge Hoops
  2. Legacy Lariat
  3. Flawless Malibu Initial Necklace
  4. Solo Diamond Love Bracelet
Model is wearing Petite Nude Fringe Earrings and Petite Malibu Mega Layered Necklace in white gold.
Model is wearing Petite Nude Fringe earrings and Liquid Gold Layering Necklace in white gold.

Can stand alone.

Cool and confident, white gold makes a sweeping, modern statement as a monochromatic look. Layer it on with a cascade of necklaces and shoulder-grazing earrings to catch the light. Here’s one of our favorite combos of the moment.

  1. Petite Malibu Medium Fringe Earrings
  2. Petite Malibu Mega Layering Necklace
  3. Petite Nude Liquid Gold Layered Necklace

The perfect mixer.

Think of white gold as a neutral. It mixes effortlessly with other shades of gold, whether you’re feeling yellow, or blushing in rose gold for spring. Try curating a cool, one-of-a-kind earring look with multiple styles and tones that are anything but matchy matchy. Here’s a head-turning look:

  1. Say My Name Hoop Half Pair (Yellow)
  2. Flawless Square Hoops (White)
  3. Solo Marquid Diamond Graduating Ear Crawlers (Rose)
Model is wearing 60MM Curve Hoops on Post, Legacy Oval necklace, Liquid Gold Chain Choker, and Petite Malibu Layering 5-Strand Necklace in white gold.

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