Twinning looks for Mother’s Day: Lana Jewelry + Lana Girl

No doubt, she got it from her mama. This Mother’s Day, get matchy-matchy with your mini in designs by Lana for mama, and Lana Girl for your little. From charms and rings to studs and hoops, you two can luxe it up while you brunch it up.

If you think about it, Mother’s Day isn’t just a celebration of Mom, but also the pint-size person who made her a Mom. It’s a celebration that comes full circle. How lovely is that?

Lana Girl is the kids’ line designed by Lana’s very own 9-year-old daughter, Blake (sound familiar?). This is nothing like the trend-and-toss accessories we all know that feel anything but special. Lana Girl is a forever kind of jewelry that lets girls shine brighter.

Just like the grown-up line, Lana Girl is designed in Chicago and artfully made from the most precious elements around—pure  14K gold, diamonds and gemstones. And so,  each piece makes special firsts and major milestones feel  golden. First pair of real earrings? Check. Promise ring? Gorge. Religious pendant? Stunning.

Lana Girl designs are made for girls to hold onto and grow into. And, they know how to have fun, too. Blake incorporates all of her favorite things into her collection, from butterflies to bows. And, Mom, it’s okay to borrow.

This is how you do Mama + Mini the Lana way.

The new BFF necklace: Initial pendants

Initials feel so personal. It’s like wearing the other person close to your heart. Swap letters for double the love.

Mama: Initial Necklace

Mini: Lana Girl Initial Necklace

Charm runs in the family.

Give her butterflies. And hearts. And the world.
Mama: Flawless Small Lion Pendant
Mini: Lana Girl Mini Butterfly Pendant

Hoop, there it is.

It’s never too early to teach your girl to be a boss. Hoop earrings are a must. Mama: Small Flawless Upside Down Hoopsß No imagery with this product. Switch to Large Flat Upside Down Hoops?
Mini: Lana Girl Mini Upside Down Hoops

Keep it classy.

She gets her great taste from you. Make her feel all grown up with something more sophisticated.
Mama: LongNude Disc Lariat
Mini: Lana Girl Disc Lariat