Lana Jewelry - Evil Eye

See No Evil. Take a closer look at the Evil Eye.

OK, Evil Eye. We see you. You’re intriguing and mysterious—not to mention, mesmerizing in new designs envisioned by Lana. But what’s the deeper meaning behind the Evil Eye? Here, we focus on the facts surrounding this mystical accessory.

Lana Jewelry - Evil Eye

The Evil Eye is a powerful reference across many cultures throughout the world. Many believe it originated in Greece thousands of years ago, but it’s now recognized as a global symbol of protection—especially throughout the Middle East and largely in Turkey.

There’s some confusion and misconceptions surrounding the Evil Eye. Despite its name. It’s meant for good. This amulet is believed to protect you against the curse of the same name, the evil eye—the malicious glare given to somebody out of spite or envy.

According to this superstition, this glare will bring suffering to the person who it’s cast opon. What is thought to be especially harmful is that the person receiving this glare is unaware, and therefore, more vulnerable to receiving misfortune. So the Evil Eye looks out for you. When you wear this amulet or talisman, you’re thought to be shielded from harm.


Traditionally, the Evil Eye amulet is a bright blue-and-white bead, which are colors associated with good karma. In her luxe interpretation, Lana put a modern twist on the Evil Eye, making them more effortless to wear. An exotic and elongated eye is shaped in pure high-shine gold with a diamond cluster as the central focus.

From stud earrings and huggies to a choker or multi-charm necklace, these Evil Eye designs can be worn alone as a singular statement, or layered with your other Lana pieces. Either way, all eyes will be on you, in the best way.

Lana Jewelry - Evil Eye

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