Say My Name Hoops are their own celebrity.

It’s no secret that Jenny From The Block loves to rock larger-than-life Lana hoops. Sleek or diamond-studded, they’re a go-to for megastar and Lana muse, Jennifer Lopez. So when J-Lo needed something major for her 50th birthday party tour stop in Chicago, Lana took personalization to an epic new level with her Say My Name Hoops.


Pushing boundaries like no other, Lana custom-designed the hoops to put J-Lo’s famous nickname front and center in a big way. Inset in a pair of oversized gold hoops, a scripted letter “J” adorned her left ear, and a stacked “Lo” gilded her right. When she saw them photographed on Jennifer during her Chicago party stop—Lana’s hometown—Lana loved them so much that she designed a pair for herself.


The trend heated up even more when another big personality claimed the Say My Name Hoops: singer/rapper/actress Lizzo. Lana designed a boss pair of L-izzo hoops for the “Juice” singer to wear in her Absolut Vodka campaign promoting juicy new flavors. Talk about standout styling.

No need for subtle stamped initials quietly adorning the side of the hoop like you’d typically see with personalized designs. Like the queens wearing these earrings, they deserve to steal the spotlight and own center stage so everybody says their name.

Want your own custom hoops? Let us know and we’ll give you the star treatment.

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