Rock out with our festival-chic favs

Coachella and Stagecoach have come and gone, but there’s still a whole lineup of music festivals that’ll get you in your summer groove. And the only thing better than the music is festival-chic fashion. It’s like the ultimate creative style playground where all the world is your stage. What better place to let your Lana Jewelry shine than dancing in the sun (and under the stars) to the beat of your favorite bands? We’re so there. Here’s how our summer music festival plans are shaping up and our style picks for each one.

Governor’s Ball
When: May 31-June 2
Where: Randall’s Island, NYC
The vibe: Urban eclectic

Set the scene
Described as a music festival with a New York heart, the Governor’s Ball features a bold landscape of urban music with emerging and established artists, from Tyler the Creator to The Strokes.

Look the part
What’s more NYC than a bold pair of Lana hoops to look badass? The Queen of the Hoop herself, Lana, has your hookup. From sleek illusion of Magic Hoops to iconic Upside Down Hoops, there’s a style for every music genre, and beyond. Go big and bold in gold hoops from the Spring/Summer Casino collection. The strong links of Bondand sleek shine of Royale will turn heads and steal the scene. Take NYC like a boss.

When: June 13-18
Where: Manchester, TN
The vibe: Quirky and expressive

Set the scene
There’s something to be said for Southern Hospitality—even at a music festival. Tennessee’s big show is notoriously warm, open and inviting. Its colorful setting radiates a positive vibe that encourages freedom of self-expression. So you can do you.

Look the part
Bonnaroo is the festival for Fringe . The glinty gold, multi-faceted designs sparkle like no other.

Catch the light and illuminate the scene decked out head to toe in Gold Fringe Hoops, the Fringe Choker and we say go for a Fringe Bracelet on each wrist to shine extra bright.

When: June 26-30
Where: Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset, England
The vibe: Edgy, epic and progressive

Set the scene
Hop the pond to the largest open-air concert in the world. Glastonbury first arrived on the scene in the 1970s, inspired by the hippie, counter culture and free festival movements. That celebration of independence and individuality has only grown, along with the record-high attendance and uber-cool lineup of artists.

Look the part
Here, you need to go fashion-forward with something totally unexpected: hand lariats and anklets.

Move freely under the big open sky in Pilton, Somerset, England, letting the sun and stars spotlight your every move.

To amp up that indie vibe, check out the Initial Hand Lariat and make it your own.

Turn up the volume with a stack anklets on each leg—or just the illusion of that look with the draped design of the Nude Stilletto Anklet.

When: August 1-4
Where: Grant Park, Chicago, IL
The vibe: Vibrant, high energy

Set the scene
When we think Lolla, we think rock. The historic setting of Chicago’s Grant Park and the city skyline provide a larger-than-life backdrop for this 4-day festival. Its alt rock roots have evolved to feature a mix of heavy metal, punk rock, hip hop and electronic music

Look the part

Rock a chain reaction, all the way. Whether it’s chunky or subtle, twisted or sleek, layer on the chains at Lolla. The Mega Casino Chain Choker is a must-have statement piece that says holla at Lolla.

You could also double up with the Double Casino Necklace and complete the look with Linear Casino Chain Earrings and an armful of Casino Chain Bracelets. It’s so unapologetically urban and subversively rocker.

When: August 16-18
Where: Watkins Glen, NY
The vibe: Free-spirited and artistic

Set the scene
All about peace, love and music, Woodstock50 echoes the movement of the OG Woodstock in Watkins Glen, NY 50 years earlier. The music scene has changed, but the free-thinking message of compassion and harmony has not.

Look the part
Capture the wanderlust spirit of Woodstock then and now with light-catching Gypsy. Like cymbals on a tambourine, sleek golden discs create a sense of movement and light, dancing this way and that. The low dip of the Gypsy Disc Lariat is made for airy, boho dresses and ethereal tops.

Or, create a layered look with the Gypsy Disc Necklace. Gypsy Hoops are a must. Be adventurous and go for an unexpected shape, like the Kite or Tear.