Make an Entrance in Rodéo. Our top 5 picks from the new collection.

Now that Rodéo has officially arrived, we’ve had a chance to properly obsess over it. Named for the Rodéo Drive, this ultra-glam Fall/Winter 2019 collection radiates that luxe California lifestyle vibe. It feels effortless yet over-the-top chic all at once, and we’re here for it. We don’t know how we lived without these pieces pre-Rodéo. Here are our top picks.

1. Flawless Rodéo Medallion Lariat


A statement piece if we ever saw one. Diamond-encrusted discs compose a glittering chain that drops into a sleek lariat punctuated with a medallion.

2. Hollywood Hoops


Sometimes we play it smooth, other times you need a little texture. The accordion, zig-zag texture of these hoops catches and reflects the light like no other.

3. Liquid Gold Mega Chain Choker


Pour on the luxe. This deliciously bold gold choker shines blindingly bright. The sleekness is all in a micro-fine herringbone chain that flows like liquid light.

4. Nude Casino Chain Layering Necklace


The fastest way to the Lana look: built-in layering x three. This necklace combines two nude chains with one strand of the larger-linked Casino chain for an eclectic mix, all-in-one.

5. Mega Flawless Double Curve Ring


You can’t have Rodéo without fingers full of diamonds. The beauty of this ring is that it doubles up on major diamonds, giving the illusion of two stacked glimmering bands.


Stay tuned for more mid-season releases in October.

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