Fall fashion report: The edge of glam.

The days are getting shorter and the temps are cooling off, but fall fashion is just heating up. Fresh off the runway, we’re tracking all the trends. Our biggest standout? New twists on gold—and lots of it—in a mix of textures and play of proportions. See how we’re styling our fall favs the Lana way.


Layer on the luxe

Whether you’re going for dainty or daring, it’s all about layering. How to? Start with a choker and layer on length and texture. For an instant layered look with tons of sparkle in one chic piece, go for a built-in layered design, like the Mega Layered Malibu Choker.

And it’s not just about the necklace. Get stacked from head to toe with earrings, bracelets and anklets. As the Zoe Report declared for fall, “Anklets are a refined and often overlooked piece of jewelry. Accessorize with a pair of heels, loafers, or even over your ankle-strap sandals for a cool layered look.”


Get daring with diamonds

Diamonds take on a cool girl look this season with fresh updates on this socialite staple. Go ultra-glam and modern retro chic with a new take on classic diamond tennis jewelry. Want to add a little edge? Rock variably sized diamonds for a perfectly imperfect look, like these Solo diamond hoops.

Pretty in punk earrings

According to Vogue, a refined punk look will be big this fall, and it all revolves around a “curated ear” of multiple piercings. Think of it as ear armor—ear crawlers, shoulder-grazing dusters and strategically grouped studs make a major statement.

Vogue notes, “Get ready to let your earrings do all the talking. As the Fall 2019 collections begin to make their way down the runways, one thing is already certain: the statement earring trend is about to reach new heights.” Harpers Bazaar echoes that takeaway, saying “statement earrings are winning big so far.”

Luxury NYC piercing artist Maria Tash breaks down the trend: “Layering jewelry above multiple piercings going up the ear in a second row, or staggered in between old piercings creates a fresh, deliberate effect.”


Play with scale

Proportion is a major player this fall, thanks to the glam resurgence of the almighty chain. Oversized chain links spotted on the Bottega Veneta runway showcased the trend. Our Mega Casino chain bracelet and necklace bring the look to life with assertive, exaggerated links that pair perfectly with smaller scale pieces.


Through thick and thin, gold hoops are bigger than ever, too. Try the Royale hoops on for size in smooth or braided styles that radiate a gorgeous golden glow. Hollywood hoops reflect light in a zig zag texture that’s big on texture and proportion.

Glow for liquid gold

Gold is back in a big way in the Liquid Gold collection. A super-fine herringbone design creates a high-polished shine that melts over the skin. It doesn’t get more glam than dripping in pure gold, from the layered look of the Liquid Gold Mega Layered Necklace to a statement anklet and linear drop earrings that illuminate your whole face.


Get personal

Personalized jewelry has evolved from simple initials to charms, statements and symbols that are meaningful and provocative. Show that you’re not afraid to be a badass, wear love on your lobes or flaunt your CEO status. Add a little mystery with letters worn in a whole new way.

Amulets also come into play here. From the heart of a lioness to the protective evil eye or hamsa, these mystical charms have never been more now.

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