Crown yourself with high-fashion hair jewelry.

With cooler temps sweeping in, it can only mean one thing: fall fashion and beauty season is officially here. New York Fashion Week is right around the corner, and we’re feeling inspired to refresh our look for fall. It just so happens that hair is at the top of our mini makeover list.

Sometimes it’s not about a big chop or a drastic shift in color. This season, we’re going heads above trends with a fresh crop of hair accessories designed to highlight your reigning status as queen of everything. The fashion elite agree. Harpers Bazaar UK predicts that high-fashion hair accessories will be big for fall. Let’s comb through, shall we?

When Lana does hair jewelry, expect it to be as fierce and statement-making as the rest of her collection. She considers it the next evolution in accessorizing with your Lana wardrobe.


“It’s really so obvious to think of jewelry as only the ears and neck, said Lana.“ But what’s so special about them? Anywhere that I can adorn, I will.”

Inspired by the epic glamour of a modern-day Cleopatra, kingdom-ruling empress or superhero heroine, each design evokes a majestic sense of power. Statement pieces, like the Stiletto Head Chain, drape hair in the light-catching sparkle of 14K gold, melding the lines between beauty and jewelry.

These luxe accessories are fit for every kind of queen, and every kind of cut. From the blunt bobs and lobs of the moment, to lived-in, grown-out lengths, Lana hair jewelry radiates a gorgeous crown effect of ultra-sparkly highlights. You can also keep it sleek and simple with a single gold bobby pin or arrange in multiples for an edgy look.

Stunning for a fashion-forward bride or red carpet moment, hair chains and pins also top off a casual outfit. Paired with a sexy pair of jeans, stilettos and body-skimming tee, Lana hair jewelry makes a head-turning statement.