Chain of Command. All about Lana’s luxe links.

Chains are an essential link to Lana’s signature layered look. Sure, they’re gold and gorgeous, but if you take a closer look, each chain is intricately different. Here’s a quick-study guide on all of our favorite chains so you can layer on the luxe.

Liquid Gold Chain

The chain work on Liquid Gold is so seamless, it’s practically imperceptible. Its signature slinky look is attributed to micro-fine herringbone pattern that looks like molten gold. This innovative craftsmanship flows the design to pour over the skin, radiating a sense of liquid light that traces every contour and curve. Definitely a high-glam chain to add to your collection, especially in statement pieces like the Liquid Gold Mega Layered Necklace.

Kite Chain

Geometric in shape and distinct in size, the kite chain is aptly named. It connects a series of diamond-shaped “kite” silhouettes in varying proportions. Depending on the collection, the kite chain can be purely gold or diamond-encrusted diamond shapes. Case in point, the Legacy Kite Lariat. What could be better than that? There are also simpler interpretations, like the Kite Chain Choker.


Blake Chain

An absolute must in the Lana collection. Famously named for Lana’s daughter (and Lana Girl jewelry designer) Blake, this chain is simply a stunner. Starting with the iconic Blake necklace, the layering of these chains illuminates a sparkle like no other. The dainty chain is designed to catch and reflect the light for a twinkling effect.


Nude Chain

Impossibly delicate, the nude chain radiates a skin-to-skin shine like no other. It’s the perfect layering piece because it never overpowers. Instead, the nude chain elevates any combination you choose. You’ll find it in many forms, from necklaces and bracelets to hand lariats and anklets. The nude chain also serves as a subtle base to let personalized pendants shine.

Rodéo Chain

Fresh off the new Fall/Winter 2019 Collection, the Rodéo chain is a statement-maker and game-changer. Designed in both gleaming gold and encrusted diamonds, this chain can stand alone as its own statement piece, or layer with other designs for a multifaceted look. A bold series of discs link together as a graphic chain that’s as luxe as can be. It’s a look that’s equal parts effortless California with the regal attitude of its namesake—the famous Rodéo Drive in Beverly Hills.


Casino Chain

The Casino chain came to play. It’s an undeniable power piece that comes together in many forms: super chunky necklace to linear earrings, diamond-accented Flawless choker to an impossibly sexy anklet that’s made to level up your stilettos.


Which chain is your favorite? We’ll take one of each.

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