Fall Trend Watch: All About Amulets

Jewelry is such a personal thing—especially Lana jewelry, since it’s made to shine against beautifully bare skin. That’s why her Amulet Collection was such a natural focus for fall.

These mythical designs are believed to offer protection against evil, each carrying a special meaning. Lana has reimagined traditional amulets with luxury elements and a high-fashion look, so you feel gorgeously guarded whenever you wear them.

Amulets have been in existence since the beginning of time, but they’re especially en vogue at the moment. In fact, Who What Wear declared amulets as one of 7 necklace trends everyone is wearing this year. Which one speaks to you?


Intricately adorned in gold and diamonds, this majestic Hamsa symbolizes protection and the holding of good luck.

Evil Eye

The evil eye deflects an evil stare believed to cause misfortune or injury. The evil eye is often paired with the Hamsa.





Like a prayer, a cross evokes a feeling of faith. Layer them on for a powerful and meaningful style statement. See: Madonna.


A true Leo through and through, Lana has the heart of a lion. Her lion amulet captures that strong and powerful feeling that makes you feel ferocious, proud and loyal.


Let feelings of freedom take flight with the graceful wings of a butterfly perched upon your ears, neck or hand.

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