5 ways to have the last word with personalized jewelry

When Lana wanted the world to know she was taken (pre-fiancée status) she designed and created a nameplate necklace inscribed her her now hubby Rob’s name, pairing it with a heart on a single chain. That was 2002. Fast forward to today and Lana Jewelry is taking personalized jewelry to the next level, naming names and wearing them on our sleeve, our way. And that’s exactly the point. It’s all about you. 

Personalized jewelry is a forever trend because being yourself has never been cooler. Self-expression is your best accessory and what you wear is a reflection of who you are. You’re your own editor, curating and creating the exact image you want the world to see—kind of like your Instagram profile, but much sparklier. Own it, show it and make it meaningful with personalized pendants and bracelets. They do the talking for you, making a statement from subtle to savage.
Here are our five favorite ways to flaunt your individuality.

Initial Here

Your favorite letter, way better. Whether you’re giving a shout out to yourself, your love, your BFF your babies (or your fur babies), an initial necklace is sleek and special in high-shine gold and diamonds. Not a necklace kind of girl? Go for a bracelet or unexpected hand lariat instead. Try on another trend by creating an alpha mix of letters.

Upgrade Your Title

Proud wifey? Boss lady CEO? Flash a little humble brag with a gleaming heart pendant. These 14K gold statement necklaces radiate a reflective shine, each studded with diamonds that spell out your chosen statement. Such a luxe gift, btw.

Say My Name

See your name in lights (aka, ice) with a personalized nameplate necklace that can be customized with any name up to eight characters. Or, let your reputation precede you with Queen, Lowkey and Untamed, to name a few.

Magic Numbers

Initials and nameplates aren’t the only way to make your mark. Numbers have character, too. Rep your zip or area code with diamond-encrusted digits. It adds up to a smart statement.

Turn On the Charm

Symbolic of something personal, charms keep special meaning close to your heart. Literally. Go for something sacred like a diamond crossarya la the Queen, Madonna, embody the beauty of freedom with a butterfly, or roar with the heart of a lion like Lana herself.