Model is wearing Multi Braided Liquid Gold Choker.

New Braided Liquid Gold: glow with the flow

Level up your shine with Braided Liquid Gold. 

Our new Braided Liquid Gold doesn’t just shine. It takes on a luminous life of its own, flowing over every curve and melting into your skin to radiate a gorgeous, golden glow. That hyper-sleek look is actually achieved by a surprising design element—an ultra-intricate, micro-herringbone texture that captures and reflects light like crazy. You need to rock it in real life to experience that kind of sparkle.

That signature Lana shine is like no other—and nothing drips quite like our gold.



But more is more, right?

That’s why we’re multiplying the shine of the original collection with a gorgeous new twist: Braided Liquid Gold. These multi-plaited styles weave chains of liquid gold into a braided design that beams a whole new height of gleam, playing with light at every bend, curve and flow.

Model is wearing Multibraided Mega Liquid Gold Lariat and and Multibraided Liquid Gold Bracelet in yellow gold.
Model is wearing Triple Braided Liquid Gold Lariat in yellow gold.


Urban, bold and full of attitude.

Braided Liquid Gold stepped onto the scene with the debut of CITY, the new Spring/Summer 2020 collection. CITY is all about creating and owning your look, full of attitude and urban influence. Our new collection amps up your individuality with infinite, megawatt shine.



Here are some of our favorite styles you might have spied in the new CITY lookbook:

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