Lana Jewelry - Designer: Lana Bramlette

Like a Boss. An ode to our 5 favorite fearless women.

We know women run the world. But sometimes you’ve got to shout your title out loud, bedazzled in diamonds, so everybody listens up. Remind the world you’re in charge with personalized jewelry that tells it like it is. Here, we name some of our favorite female movers-and-shakers, and the expressive jewelry we’d pick for them.

Lana Jewelry - Designer: Lana Bramlette

Lana Bramlette


Our pick: CEO Heart Pendant


If this name sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the Lana behind Lana Jewelry. Together with her family, Lana launched her famous brand from the ground up, making new rules for the world of luxury jewelry. She’s a fearless disruptor and creative mastermind with the heart of a lion. She’s a boss.




Our pick: Queen Nameplate Necklace


Madonna is widely known as Lana’s always-and-forever idol. It’s no surprise that Lana’s nickname is “Lana Madonna.” She’s far more than a pop icon—she’s a cultural force of nature, trailblazing her own path and defying the word ‘no’ at every turn.


Jennifer Lopez


Our pick: Untamed Nameplate Necklace


Jenny from the Block continues to redefine and reimagine what it means to be a powerful woman from who emerged from humble beginnings. She’s beyond sexy, tough and ageless, but more importantly, she’s kind, crazy talented and a fierce businesswoman.



Our pick: Flawless Badass Eclipse Hoops


How refreshing is it to have an assertive, body-positive artist like Lizzo schooling society one “Truth Hurts” hit at a time? She makes no apologies and knows she deserves it all, and then some. We love to hang on her every game-changing word.



Ariana Grande


Our pick: Savage Nameplate Necklace


She may be young, but Ariana Grande is as empowered as they come. She kicks you-know-what and takes names in stiletto boots and a sky-high pony, making it look like nothing. Her songs are low-key anthems for owning your power.

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